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"All of this happened a long time ago when the world was a very different place. Of course, none of us knew that at the time..." - Jules Facks

Milloway House Press offers the finest self-published novels in the self-publishing world.
Founded in 2018 by brothers Jules Facks and Philo Facks, who long ago attended Milloway College. It serves as an imprint for titles ranging from dystopian novels about slacker journeys to dystopian anthologies of very, very short stories about seemingly random people.

"Moments, later, but still a long time ago..."

These books are available on Amazon and possibly at a book signing or comic-con near you.


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Chrysler LeBaron with Lee Iacocca Head Remember when Chrysler was circling the drain in the early 1980s? Company chairman Lee Iaccocca convinced the U.S. government to grant them a loan to stay alive. The new K-Cars, for all their lack of excietment, saved the company andy tehy paid the loan back years early! Time featured this illustration on the cover in 1983, and we want to honor this achievement with a 1/43 scale model of the cover car. Pre-order and specs to come soon. Pre-production art shown. Some vehicles not for use with some sets. Track sold separately. Void where prohibited.

Despite a name that sounds brick and mortar, Milloway House Press has no physical location.
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